The Journey Begins

Okay, okay so I’ll be the first to admit that we all make New Years resolutions that we know we never stick to. We tell ourselves “new year, new me”. So why am I starting a blog on the 1st January?

The answer to that I’m still unsure of. I may start this, last a few weeks and then it will die off like many resolutions. But maybe, just maybe I will actually decide to stick to this.

So a little about me…

I drink far too much coffee, swear more than I should and I buy more books than I will ever read.

I (like many others) have a few resolutions for 2019. I may be successful at some, I may fail at some others but I’m determined to give it my best shot.

2019 Resolutions…

  1. Create a blog (well I guess I can tick that off…)
  2. Lose weight and exercise more often (yes that may sound like a cliche)
  3. Figure out what career path I want to take
  4. Save up a deposit for a house

Book goal

Last year I made a GoodReads account in January and set myself a goal of 12 books. I though I would easily get through a book per month. Then December fast approached and I realised that during the time of moving into my first place and starting a brand new job I’d only actually managed a grand total of TWO books. It seemed my entire year was spent in a reading slump, nothing I did seemed to get me out of it. This year however I have set myself a goal of reading 20 books for the year. I’m probably crazy to think I’ll read 10 times as many books as last year but hopefully I will be able to get out of my reading slump and start reviewing the books that I read.

I shall now finish my first post here so I can get started on reading book number 1. Happy New Year to all…

Current read – The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

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