Things I use instead of bookmarks

Today I begin with a heartbreaking story, the tale of the £5 scratch card…

It all started whilst I was preparing my next post. I had gathered together some of my books and sat comfortably, ready to start typing. I picked up a book that I had started reading about 11 months ago and had never gotten around to finishing. Life had gotten in the way. This book had been forgotten about and so had the bookmark I was using inside. I opened up the book to find my “temporary” bookmark still on page 155. To my horror I realised that the item that I had been using as a bookmark was a winning scratch card. I had completely forgotten that I had been using it instead of taking it to claim the money. Below is a picture of the offending scratch card:

I’m currently unsure if I will ever see that £5 but I can only hope that the scratch card is still valid 🤞🏼 (although I very much doubt it).

This leads me on to what this post is all about, things we use as a bookmark that aren’t actually a bookmark. I’ve listed a few that I’ve used but I know there will be a lot more that other people use.

    Train Ticket – This is one that I find very useful as I have found myself on long train journeys with just a book to keep me company. Now this particular journey included 4 different trains which meant a lot of closing my book to get off and one the trains. I hadn’t even thought to pack a bookmark whilst packing everything else I needed for the trip. As the train started to approach my first change I realised that I didn’t have anything to keep my page in the book (I’m not a fan of folding pages). I slotted in my train ticket and voilà I had the perfect bookmark for the rest of my journey. I’ve used old train tickets as bookmarks on numerous occasions and it’s a firm favourite of mine.
    Glasses – So for this one I don’t mean that I leave the glasses inside the book for a long period of time. This one is usually one that I use whilst I’m mid read and need to nip to the door to answer it or decide to get up to make a coffee.
    Scrap piece of paper – This one I have found to be very common with people that I know, it’s just so convenient to grab a scrap and shove it into your book.
    Bobby pin – Occasionally I have found myself reading in bed and as I start to get tired I will just grab anything off the bedside table and pop it into my book before I go to sleep. This usually ends up being a bobby pin if I don’t have anything else that I’ve already started using for the book.
    Scratch card – As you may be able to tell I seem to just grab anything and use it as a bookmark. This is one that I should probably stop doing. Funnily enough my current read has also got my recent winning scratch card as it’s bookmark. I think I may have to switch it for something else before I lose out on another £5 win…

Whilst writing this post I created a quick Facebook poll and an hour later these were the results of what people use instead of a bookmark:

I think the moral to the story today has been DON’T USE A WINNING SCRATCH CARD AS A BOOKMARK!

Now I’d better get back to preparing for my next post…

Current read – The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella


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