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Attachments – Book Review

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction

Published: April 2011

Set: 1999, Nebraska, USA


My thoughts

When I started this book I was very excited as the blurb made it sound interesting and I wanted to know if Lincoln ever meets the girl that he falls for. I managed to finish this book in 4 days which isn’t normally something that I have the time to do. It has been nice to spend so much time during my week off work to get some reading done.

The first thing that I liked about this book was the layout of it. The chapters were pretty short and would alternate from Lincoln’s POV to a thread of emails between Beth and Jennifer. I feel like this made reading the book really easy which is probably how I got through it quickly. It made it into nice bite size chunks and I struggled to put the book down.

Lincoln – I enjoyed seeing the development of his character throughout the book. He’s a shy IT guy that lives at home with his mum, can’t get over his ex (high school sweetheart) and barely speaks to anyone. Throughout the books he ends up living a much happier life and spends more time with friends and makes some new friends.

Beth & Jennifer – When reading their emails you can really get a sense of what a lovely friendship they have. They just completely get each other and know what to say (and sometimes what not to say) during certain scenarios. They are immediately likeable and their witty conversations are so fun to read.

This was an unconventional love story but it worked so well. The one issue that I had with the book though was the ending. It ended how I wanted it to but it happened within about 10 pages and felt too rushed. I wanted to know more about the ending but felt quite disappointed with how quickly it felt to be just brushed over. I really enjoyed this book but I did feel let down at the end.

Favourite Quote

“I’m sort of… coming off a bad relationship”

“When did it end?”

“Slightly before it started.”


⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 out of 5

So far this year has been pretty interesting in terms of my book choices. I’ve been choosing books that I wouldn’t normally pick and I’ve now read more books in 3 months than I did all of last year. I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone and it’s definitely worked for me. I’m enjoying getting to read a wider range of genres and I think it’s helped me to get out of my reading slump.

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