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Perks of being a Wallflower- Film Review

Director: Stephen Chobsky

Screenplay: Stephen Chbosky

Based on the book by: Stephen Chbosky

Genre: Drama, Coming of Age

Release date: 3rd October 2012


Main Cast: Logan Lerman (Charlie), Emma Watson (Sam), Ezra Miller (Patrick)

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this film. I watched it not long after reading the book so the storyline was still pretty fresh in my mind.

Logan Lerman did such a great job of bringing the character of Charlie alive. His portrayal of the shy, awkward teen made you really feel for the character. He really did an excellent job of becoming Charlie and he is exactly what I imagined Charlie to be.

Emma Watson’s portrayal of Sam was better than I expected. Sam and Charlie had lovely chemistry throughout. Personally when I read the book I didn’t visualise Sam anything like Emma Watson but tried not to let this affect my view of the film.

Ezra Miller really stands out in his portrayal of Patrick. He brings out a very likeable character and gave him a wonderful personality.

One thing that let me down was the lack of development of Mr. Bill Anderson’s character. I felt like he played a very important role in the book for Charlie and when I found out the Paul Rudd was playing him I was very excited. However he didn’t make very many appearances and didn’t get the chance to show the really good relationship that Bill and Charlie shared in the book.

Book vs. Film

One thing that I found particularly interesting was the fact that the author of the book also wrote the screenplay and directed the film which is rare for an adaptation. This made me intrigued in how similar the film would be to the book.

I felt the film did miss out quite a few things from the book that felt like big parts for certain characters but this wasn’t explored in the film. This was probably due to the length of the film so they weren’t able to go in depth with every character.

As I’ve mentioned above I really missed the lack of exploration of Mr Anderson’s character. I feel he was one of my favourite characters in the book and the way he encourages Charlie to participate more. It also develops Charlie as a writer though his essays that he does for Bill.

Charlie’s sister isn’t explored as much in the film either. They show the scene of her getting hit by her boyfriend but the miss out the whole abortion part that made Charlie and his sister a lot closer. It also missed out his sister getting a new boyfriend and having a much happier ending.

Although I really enjoyed the film, I enjoyed the book a lot more.

Favourite Quote

Patrick: Are you baked?

Charlie: Like a cake


⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 out of 5

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